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To All of our Loyal Patients and Referring Physicians:

It is with the deepest regret after eleven years of practice, Towne Physical Therapy Centre will be closing on March 14, 2014. Despite an abundance of patients (10,000 plus in 2013), the severe cuts in physical therapy reimbursement by Medicare, Commercial insurers and Workers’ Compensation over the past three years renders it economically impossible for us to continue to provide high quality therapy in an exceptional facility. I hope that everyone whom we have treated appreciates their rehabilitation care as much as we do them. Towne Physical Therapy Centre has taken great pride over the years in its care for patients. Unfortunately, insurance companies fail to understand what dedicated and talented physical therapists bring to the health care field.

All patient physical therapy records will remain confidential and stored as per legal requirements. Records may be obtained upon written request per HIPAA guidelines. Please note there will be a fee for copies governed by State regulations.

Future plans for physical therapy services have yet to be determined. The current telephone number (954-776-9997) will remain in service for several months upon closing of the facility. Towne Physical Therapy Centre’s website will post updates and our email address (maryann@townephysicaltherapy.com) will remain intact.

Wishing everyone the best,

Mary Ann Towne, DPT

Centre Director and Owner:
Mary Ann Towne, D.P.T.


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